Air Force Bar Phnom Penh


Welcome to the Air Force Bar

Air Force Bar Phnom Penh Front Signage

Air Force Bar, Phnom Penh  is located on Street 104 and opened on July 2011.

Airforce is the place to be on 104 street, our intimate bar provides plenty of attention with well priced drinks and a large selection of music to choose from.

Located at #29 Street 104, Phnom Penh we are located on the busiest street if you are looking for hostess bars.


Other bars in the area include Colonial bar,Oscars, Milky Way, OneZeroFour, , Vixens, Cavern Bar, Top Ten, Zanzibar, Matildas, T-Pub 2, Bunny Bar, Pickled Parrot and the Rose bar.

There is an ANZ ATM located outside the Pickled Parrot, there is a $4 charge for using non ANZ Royal cards so take out as much as you need but don't flash it around.